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5 Best and Most Exciting Ludo Games for Android Phones

January 27, 2020 Nicole 0

Not only the snake ladder game that is included in the old school game criteria aka ancient games. There is one board type game that can be categorized as an old school game, the Ludo game. Ludo is one game that is quite popular in the 90s. This game requires a board with attractive colors.

The game is no less interesting when compared to the existing colors. Ludo game consists of 4 people, and each player must be able to collect baduk-baduk in the middle of the board. However, they must rotate it according to the number of dice that comes out. Exciting is not it? Well, this Ludo game is now also available on Android devices.

Want to play the Ludo game offline and online? Take it easy, Caris Signal has several recommendations for Ludo games that are fun to play with friends. Come, check the following reviews.

Ludo Club

Well, if this one game you can play online. Because this online, you can play it in a multiplayer alias invite other players to play with you. The rules of the game are still the same as Ludo in general. Besides the same rules, this game will also display every point you collect. Exciting, right? Want to try playing the game?

Ludo Neo-Classic

Ludo Neo-Classic as a game with a ludo concept that can be the right choice for you. Because the various mainstay features embedded and installed into the Ludo Neo-Classic game. In this game, you can choose the rules that are adjusted by each country.

Not only that, this game will feature a game with classic graphics animation while still dancing. Uniquely, this game presents dice that can change color according to when the players turn to roll the dice. Not only that, the multiplayer feature reached 4 players that were embedded in it.

Ludo Party

Catchy games let the game players duel shrewdness in ludo games in real-time. Not only in real-time, even in this Ludo Party game, but players can also meet and even play together with Ludo Party players all over the world, you know.

Not only that, another feature provided by Ludo Party is the presence of a scoring system where the score of each player will be displayed and adjusted to the score of Ludo Party players around the world. However, you don’t need to worry, and Ludo Party also provides an offline mode against AI that is already in the Ludo Party.

Ludo Pachisi

Azodus stretcher game developer can be one right solution for those of you who want to play Ludo. Azodus gave the name of the game as Ludo Pachisi. This game has a feature where the player can freely choose the desired color before playing Ludo Pachisi.

Not only that, but you can also determine how many opponents will compete with you. You can choose at least 1 opponent, and the maximum is 4 opponents. It’s not enough to stop there, and Ludo Pachisi players can play online and offline too. Do you want to play Ludo Pachisi? Just click here to get the game.

Ludo Bing


Ludo games, by choosing to play offline or online is also offered by a game called Ludo Bing. This game presents a feature where players can duel or fight in online Ludo games, aka inviting Ludo Bing players to play together.

Not only that, even fellow Ludo Bing players can interact with each other by using the chat features available in Ludo Bing. However, if you want to play without using the internet, you can choose an offline play mode where you will fight and defeat AI from Ludo Bing.