7 Puzzle Games in the Modern Era Most Often Played

August 25, 2019 Nicole 0

As we know, in today’s world, more people are already too dependent on smartphones.

And about puzzles, this game must be more because it will be challenging to do if we want to play it in a place other than home.

But make no mistake, there are several puzzle games on Android smartphones that make you as a puzzle game lover can play them whenever and wherever you want. The following has been summarized some of the best puzzle games that you can play on your smartphone:

  • Candy Crush Saga

This puzzle game made by King may no longer be among gamers. How not, the article this game has successfully played by more than 500 million Android users in various parts of the world.

Like other game matches, Candy Crush Saga is approved by you to match three or more of the same candies. To get bigger points, of course, you need to know certain tricks to get a combination. Although this game is free, in the game, you can also buy important items, or better known as boosters. This game is so that you have new in-game games.

  • Arrange Images

Arrange Pictures is a type of Jigsaw Puzzle game or a puzzle arranging pieces of a picture that is suitable for all walks of life (children to adults). By playing this Arrange Picture game, the composition and memory of the player will keep improving.

How to play, players must arrange scrambled image pieces. After the pieces of the picture arranged perfectly, the next image with a more challenging level will open. The pictures presented by this puzzle game made by RedFoc are very interesting for children or adults. Why Because players will find more than 40 different images, such as cartoons, animals, fruit, flowers, cars, and others?

  • Where’s My Water

Where is my water? Tells the story of a crocodile who wants to shower but does not have air. Our job is to help the crocodile. It is necessary to make water to the place of the crocodile to bathe.

At the initial level, the challenges given are not too difficult. But as levels increase, this Disney game makes each player think harder to complete various challenging missions.

  • Mekorama

Are you a puzzle game lover who is hungry for puzzles? Here try the Mekorama game. In this game, your job is to guide the little robot to reach the exit from a puzzle block. How to play this game is not so difficult, the article you only need to guide the small robot to reach the finish line marked with a red button.

Around the building includes puddles of air, and if your robot splashes into the air, then you can continue playing not far from where you died. This game itself does not have a level, where you can play Mekorama to your heart’s content.

  • 2048

Although the puzzle game is not popular, 2048 has enough challenges to drain our brains to think in solving existing puzzles. Because the player must be able to move four squares from one side to the other to get the highest score possible.

Sounds easy, but in fact, there are still many players who trapped at a certain level. With the rules of the game that are easy to understand, this brain teaser game only requires players to collect the highest score possible to reach 2048. To achieve this value, players must think hard in moving four blocks in the 4 × 4 or 8 × 8 space.

  • Cut the rope

For those of you who like to play games on Android, you may already be familiar with the game title Cut the Rope. Until now, ZeptoLab managed to make an interesting series so that the lovers of this game don’t get bored. This series is not much different from the passing series. Where you still have to feed the main character named Om Nom.

The task you use is only to cut the rope so that the frog can drink the lollipop he likes. But of course, there are special challenges that make you think a little about cutting the rope to fall right in front of Om Nom.

  • Freeze Fall

Same with games that match puzzles in general, wherein this Frozen Free Fall game, your job is to match or move the blocks to have three or the same type.

It’s only similar to Candy Crush Saga. It’s just that this Disney game has a more fun game concept. Yep, chapter players will enjoy puzzle games in the more colorful Frozen world. Oh yeah, you can win the competition with your friends by getting the highest score.