Tips for Playing Sudoku Quickly and Correctly

June 16, 2019 Nicole 0

Sudoku games are similar to newspaper crosswords that are published every Sunday.

The difference is if the crossword box filled with letters. While the sudoku game filled with numbers.

Sudoku consists of several box sizes. The largest box size is the size of 9 x 9. This means that sudoku consists of 9 columns, nine rows, 81 small squares, and 9 area squares. Each 3 x 3 area box (3 rows and three columns)

The column is the part of the box with upward direction. While the row is part of the horizontal direction of the box. In playing sudoku games, numbers will be provided in the sudoku boxes. There are 30 small boxes that already contain numbers. In the picture above the numbers in bold are the numbers that are already available. Whereas not bolded are the numbers that are sought. The numbers on the boxes must be filled in by the player by taking into account some of the rules that apply to sudoku games. In the following, I will describe some of the rules in sudoku games.

Rules for playing Sudoku:

  1. The line must be filled with numbers from 1-9, and there must not be multiple numbers in a row.
  2. In the same column, it must be filled with numbers starting from 1-9, and there should not be twin numbers in one column.
  3. In each section of the 3 x 3 area box containing nine small boxes. The little box must be filled with numbers 1-9, and the condition must not be repeated numbers in each area box.

Tips on playing Sudoku:

  1. Look for triple (three) the same number and appear simultaneously. Each number can go horizontally and upright. The point should not be filled in the same number in the horizontal and upright area. For example: see figure 1, in the number 2 on the left the direction goes left and right horizontally in red. And the number 2 on the lower right goes upright down and up in red. Of the three numbers, it will penetrate the 3 x 3 area in the upper right corner. So that number 2 can be filled in a small green box. The box not exposed to red.
  2. Number 2 on rows 4 and 6 If you go horizontally, you will line row 5. So you can fill in the small green box 5 row 5 with number 2.
  3. In the 9th column, there is a little blue box that has not filled. After noticing, it turns out that the number from 1-9 that does not exist in the column is number 8. So that the small box must be filled with number 8.
  4. There is a location in the lower right corner with a size of 3×3. In the small red column do not fill in the number 9. Because in the 9th column there is already a number 9. So the number 9 can be filled in a small green box. While the small red box is filled with numbers that are not yet present in that area, which is number 5.

Those are many tips that I can share and hopefully can be an overall summary of sudoku playing techniques quickly and correctly.