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5 Best and Most Exciting Ludo Games for Android Phones

January 27, 2020 Nicole 0

Not only the snake ladder game that is included in the old school game criteria aka ancient games. There is one board type game that can be categorized as an old school game, the Ludo game. Ludo is one game that is quite popular in the 90s. This game requires a board with attractive colors.

The game is no less interesting when compared to the existing colors. Ludo game consists of 4 people, and each player must be able to collect baduk-baduk in the middle of the board. However, they must rotate it according to the number of dice that comes out. Exciting is not it? Well, this Ludo game is now also available on Android devices.

Want to play the Ludo game offline and online? Take it easy, Caris Signal has several recommendations for Ludo games that are fun to play with friends. Come, check the following reviews.

Ludo Club

Well, if this one game you can play online. Because this online, you can play it in a multiplayer alias invite other players to play with you. The rules of the game are still the same as Ludo in general. Besides the same rules, this game will also display every point you collect. Exciting, right? Want to try playing the game?

Ludo Neo-Classic

Ludo Neo-Classic as a game with a ludo concept that can be the right choice for you. Because the various mainstay features embedded and installed into the Ludo Neo-Classic game. In this game, you can choose the rules that are adjusted by each country.

Not only that, this game will feature a game with classic graphics animation while still dancing. Uniquely, this game presents dice that can change color according to when the players turn to roll the dice. Not only that, the multiplayer feature reached 4 players that were embedded in it.

Ludo Party

Catchy games let the game players duel shrewdness in ludo games in real-time. Not only in real-time, even in this Ludo Party game, but players can also meet and even play together with Ludo Party players all over the world, you know.

Not only that, another feature provided by Ludo Party is the presence of a scoring system where the score of each player will be displayed and adjusted to the score of Ludo Party players around the world. However, you don’t need to worry, and Ludo Party also provides an offline mode against AI that is already in the Ludo Party.

Ludo Pachisi

Azodus stretcher game developer can be one right solution for those of you who want to play Ludo. Azodus gave the name of the game as Ludo Pachisi. This game has a feature where the player can freely choose the desired color before playing Ludo Pachisi.

Not only that, but you can also determine how many opponents will compete with you. You can choose at least 1 opponent, and the maximum is 4 opponents. It’s not enough to stop there, and Ludo Pachisi players can play online and offline too. Do you want to play Ludo Pachisi? Just click here to get the game.

Ludo Bing


Ludo games, by choosing to play offline or online is also offered by a game called Ludo Bing. This game presents a feature where players can duel or fight in online Ludo games, aka inviting Ludo Bing players to play together.

Not only that, even fellow Ludo Bing players can interact with each other by using the chat features available in Ludo Bing. However, if you want to play without using the internet, you can choose an offline play mode where you will fight and defeat AI from Ludo Bing.

5 Best Casino Games For Beginners

December 6, 2019 Nicole 0

Playing Casino has been a famous activity since ancient age as a game that is not only exciting but also tense at the same time. You can become a millionaire or fall into bankruptcy just by playing this game. But for just a fad and if you are a beginner, then here is a list of the five best Casino games that you should try.

Online Slots

Online slots are a list of the most popular casino games because there is no problematic strategy for you to play and also do not require special skills. You can choose several available slot games such as three real Classic and video slots, and you will also get a bonus of 3 real slots where there are many classifications of the game. Slots are an excellent choice for you if you belong to the category of people who are not happy about complicated things.


This name is already familiar to your ears for sure. You need to make some efforts to master this game where, of course, it is not easy, but there are some basics that you need to know about, for example, about heat and double and split. You can try this game first and try to practice to find out your luck. Approximately how often do you have the odds to get a massive bonus?

Video poker

Have you ever come to Poker? If you play this game, start with a low bet because it will help you to learn this game without losing a large amount of money. In this game, you need full concentration, so to play online is a perfect choice because it will help you to concentrate more on the game and save your time to go to the Casino, and you can also play it 24 hours a week.


Have you ever heard of roulette? This game may be very simple, but you should still read and understand the rules, odds, and all bets about this game. You only need less than 30 minutes to be able to understand the strategy of this game because each round is an independent round, so you don’t need to worry that in the last round, you will not influence subsequent results. You can try it and not have to worry about the risk that you will get if you can understand the rules and odds very well. Guaranteed, you will not experience any loss if you really appreciate it.


Before playing this game, it’s good to reconsider first if you want to play this game for money because this game is a game with the worst odds. The fact is that only a few people succeed in this game, and they tend to experience huge losses both time and material when playing this game.

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Thus the five best Casino games for you as a novice Casino player. But it’s good if you choose another game to fill your days because Casino games tend to make you addicted and have an effect on your real life and your financial condition. Therefore, if you want to be involved, you should learn in detail what you need to master before playing this game. You can directly download IDN game on Playstore for the best poker experience and strategy to get more wins!

A Billionaire’s Child, Not Only Good At Business But Also Good At Playing Poker

November 27, 2019 Nicole 0

Being the son of one of the richest people in the world, Bernard Arnault did not necessarily make Antoine Arnault stand by and only accept the splash of wealth from his father.

Antoine is known as a hard worker who does not doubt his business ability. He faithfully learns and follows in the footsteps of his father to successfully manage a business. Since 2010 he has served as CEO of Berluti, a fashion company in Paris, France.

One of his biggest successes was when he was able to lead the transformation of the Italian shoe business into the world’s leading clothing brand.

Previously, he also served as Communication Director for Louis Vuitton, one of the world’s leading fashion brands.

Besides being a very successful figure in the fashion industry, Antoine is also a professional poker player. Thanks to his success, he was also able to buy a cruise ship with his sweat.

What is Antoine Arnault’s action in the business world? The following is a brief review as reported by Business Of Fashion, The Guardian, The Richest and many other sources, Monday (1/18/2015):

  • Early career and business skills

Antoine began his career by working in the advertising department of Louis Vuitton in 2005. He worked hard until he was finally appointed Director of Communications at the same company two years later.

In 2011, Antoine launched a program called Les Journées Particulières, an opportunity for fans to visit Louis Vuitton’s design studio and accessories house to watch the works of world artists.

Antoine was appointed as the leader of Loro Piano in December 2013. The appointment was made after LVMH, his father’s company, bought 80 percent of the luxury goods retailer’s shares.

The appointment was not because Antoine was the son of Bernard Arnault, but he succeeded in demonstrating the ability to do business at the acquisition of Loro Piano for 2 billion euros a few months earlier.

  • World-class poker player

As a rich kid, Antoine claimed he was not a spoiled man. He said the father raised all children with valuable life values, such as the importance of work and mutual respect.

Antoine also never listed his name in various gossip magazines. He doesn’t like playing pool or just showing off his parents’ wealth like most rich kids do.

Unlike most billionaire children, when going to Las Vegas to play poker, Antoine plays with world-class player status. He is a professional included in the poker game.

  • Requested to replace his father

Despite being the son of Bernard Arnault, the richest man with assets reaching the US $ 41 billion, Antoine always worked hard in business affairs. It was exemplified by his father, who decided to get out of the family business in the real estate sector, which has been running for three years.

He wanted to show the world that he was indeed able to run the business values ​​instilled by his father since childhood. Antoine is even said to be the successor to the father’s fashion business empire, which has now become one of the largest luxury goods seller groups in the world.

But not only Antoine, who was asked to replace the father’s position. That’s because his sister, Delphine Arnault, is also very talented in the business.

The brother started the business by building a simple fashion label, Loewe and Pucci. His business also changed greatly under the hard work of Delphine, and he has now become Director of Dior.

Unique Things You Might Not Know About Rubik’s Cube

October 27, 2019 Nicole 0

Created in 1974 by architecture professor from Hungary named Ernõ Rubik, Rubik’s Cube has fascinated some people; and make some others confused over the six sides.

This six-color cube on each side was first released to the public in 1980. However, only a year later, it was popular throughout the world. In just three years, this cube has sold 200 million worldwide. Rubik’s Cube fever subsided after that. In the 20th century, this colorful cube was loved again. Here are some interesting facts about Rubik’s Cube that you might not know about.

  • Rubik’s Cube was first released under a different name

When it was first created, this cube was named the Magic Cube. However, in 1980, Ideal Toy, which had bought its license, changed its name to Rubik’s Cube.

  • Rubik is not good at Rubik

Many people are able to complete Rubik’s Cube quickly and easily. However, the creator, Ernõ Rubik, was not one of them. He needed a month to complete. Even after studying it for a long time, he still needed one minute to complete it. Note the time that is not impressive for the “Cubers.”

  • There are 43 quintillion possible color combinations

With six colors on each side and each side divided into nine squares, Rubik’s Cube has 43 quintillion color combinations.

  • Yellow means to be careful

When first marketed in the UK in 1982, the health department discovered that this Rubik’s cube had dangerous lead levels. The cause is the yellow color, which has at least 26,250 ppm (parts per million), far exceeding the permitted standard, which is 2,500 ppm.

  • A 13-year-old child writes the solution book

When Rubik’s Cube fever sweeps the world, many people are looking for a guide to solving this puzzle as quickly as possible. The person who first answered that need was a 13-year-old boy: Patrick Bossert. His book, You Can Do the Cube, was written as a guide for his classmates.

One of his friend’s parents was the editor of Penguin Books, who later helped him publish the book. You Can Do the Cube entered the New York Times bestseller list after selling more than 750,000 books quickly.

  • Less than 5 seconds

The world’s fastest record for completing this cube was set by Feliks Zemdegs with 4.22 seconds at last year’s Cube for Cambodia event. However, when finishing quickly isn’t enough, the Cubers continue to look for new challenges. Some solve it using their feet, while closing their eyes, in the water, while jumping from an airplane, and various other crazy actions.

  • Will Smith helped popularize it again

Although Rubik’s Cube is always selling well, in 2006, this cube experienced an increase in sales thanks to one of the scenes in Pursuit of Happyness. Chris Gardner, the character played by Will Smith, completes the Rubik’s cube in a taxi to get a chance to work. That scene scored a new generation of Cubers. In 2008, the sale of these cubes reached 15 million worldwide.

  • The robot takes over

Robotic technology and artificial intelligence are increasingly sophisticated. In the case of Rubik’s Cube, the climax is when Rubik’s Contraption, a robot created by Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo, completes this colorful cube in 0.38 seconds. From then on, robots began to rule the world.

  • Diamonds for the 15th birthday

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of the Rubik’s Cube, in 1995, Diamond Cutters International made a Rubik’s cube of 185-carat diamonds. Priced at the US $ 1 million at the time, Diamond Cutters International also released a silver version that sold for the US $ 2,000.

Young Millennial Illustration

How Card & Poker Games Become the Next Enticing Business for Millennial

September 25, 2019 Nicole 0

One of the most recognized experiences in life happens in the realm of experiential marketing. Many life-experiences are considered matters of life and death. Today, similar terms like death and appeal to the younger generation are much more successful at gaining the majority of business. Hosting your first business meetings is not an unconventional finishing school. It is one of the most important aspects of any business. From a practical perspective, meeting your potential market is the first stage to building a network. This based on regular regular business exchanges that you have every day over coffee or lunch or coffee or lunch else the list of terms to understand becomes much longer. Are you developing your network in terms of need, through networking and education? The key to gaining profitable relationships is to maintain credibility and lasting business.

Almost everything you do revolves around the service industry that you are dealing both with the consumer, and the staff that you are dealing with. Whether directly involved or indirectly, you will be exposed to various business opportunities through those you are dealing with. New knowledge, ideas, ways and much more are continuously presented, not only by themselves, but also through the businesses that exist like competitor’s and ideas created by so-called ‘experts’ that are often considered adept in their field of work, but as just individuals that just happen to be creating their own business.

The concepts in life spend not just a day or a week, but a very long and indefinite period of time. A rich and successful beginning will bring you worldwide respect and recognition from a community. A personal success in terms of great personality will have people look past ‘tickets of not have a bar of yours’ and practically give it as a free of work service. These very concepts are what your network achievement circle arms holding your brotherhood of friendship and development.

In regard to this concept, if you’re anywhere in development, think on how exciting it would be to learn the best way that those are learning, because it’s really in a closed circle that you actually start learning something in regards to the business world.

One thing for sure is that you need to make sure that every transfer of knowledge from a work environment and their use to your business is properly taken care of, and done seamlessly. Not only does an enjoyable and successful business development always have a happy ending for that are involved, but for you, as well.

Adequate Money Investment in Poker Game Platform

Poker Online Platform
Example of Texas Hold’em Poker Online Platform

Why adequate? Because the algorithm of poker game is already out there, so you don’t need to invent the new one. You can even buy the logic and using it right away on your platform. Moreover, some business groups like IDN Play provide white-label to be used by the agent, so you just need to market it without worries about the IT parts. Up until 2019, the competition of poker platform is still rising with Judisakti as the leading of the ladders for two years in a row.

As for you in the critical fields like business, you can definitely have your break into the whole circle just by networking in whatever type of business opportunity that you want to go with in terms of extensive business discussions. Besides, to ensure that their experience will be beneficial for you, you have to also find the van of people that are connected in that field of business activity and build them as a friend that you connect within that domain of their work.

To say that you’re ready and not of the concern of the competition, of the money that you’re making, that you’re connecting with resources of career, talents, it is not extraordinary. I think it’s sad when young people only should focus on their short-term career this is going to be looked down on by going more on the practice side and more on development.

7 Puzzle Games in the Modern Era Most Often Played

August 25, 2019 Nicole 0

As we know, in today’s world, more people are already too dependent on smartphones.

And about puzzles, this game must be more because it will be challenging to do if we want to play it in a place other than home.

But make no mistake, there are several puzzle games on Android smartphones that make you as a puzzle game lover can play them whenever and wherever you want. The following has been summarized some of the best puzzle games that you can play on your smartphone:

  • Candy Crush Saga

This puzzle game made by King may no longer be among gamers. How not, the article this game has successfully played by more than 500 million Android users in various parts of the world.

Like other game matches, Candy Crush Saga is approved by you to match three or more of the same candies. To get bigger points, of course, you need to know certain tricks to get a combination. Although this game is free, in the game, you can also buy important items, or better known as boosters. This game is so that you have new in-game games.

  • Arrange Images

Arrange Pictures is a type of Jigsaw Puzzle game or a puzzle arranging pieces of a picture that is suitable for all walks of life (children to adults). By playing this Arrange Picture game, the composition and memory of the player will keep improving.

How to play, players must arrange scrambled image pieces. After the pieces of the picture arranged perfectly, the next image with a more challenging level will open. The pictures presented by this puzzle game made by RedFoc are very interesting for children or adults. Why Because players will find more than 40 different images, such as cartoons, animals, fruit, flowers, cars, and others?

  • Where’s My Water

Where is my water? Tells the story of a crocodile who wants to shower but does not have air. Our job is to help the crocodile. It is necessary to make water to the place of the crocodile to bathe.

At the initial level, the challenges given are not too difficult. But as levels increase, this Disney game makes each player think harder to complete various challenging missions.

  • Mekorama

Are you a puzzle game lover who is hungry for puzzles? Here try the Mekorama game. In this game, your job is to guide the little robot to reach the exit from a puzzle block. How to play this game is not so difficult, the article you only need to guide the small robot to reach the finish line marked with a red button.

Around the building includes puddles of air, and if your robot splashes into the air, then you can continue playing not far from where you died. This game itself does not have a level, where you can play Mekorama to your heart’s content.

  • 2048

Although the puzzle game is not popular, 2048 has enough challenges to drain our brains to think in solving existing puzzles. Because the player must be able to move four squares from one side to the other to get the highest score possible.

Sounds easy, but in fact, there are still many players who trapped at a certain level. With the rules of the game that are easy to understand, this brain teaser game only requires players to collect the highest score possible to reach 2048. To achieve this value, players must think hard in moving four blocks in the 4 × 4 or 8 × 8 space.

  • Cut the rope

For those of you who like to play games on Android, you may already be familiar with the game title Cut the Rope. Until now, ZeptoLab managed to make an interesting series so that the lovers of this game don’t get bored. This series is not much different from the passing series. Where you still have to feed the main character named Om Nom.

The task you use is only to cut the rope so that the frog can drink the lollipop he likes. But of course, there are special challenges that make you think a little about cutting the rope to fall right in front of Om Nom.

  • Freeze Fall

Same with games that match puzzles in general, wherein this Frozen Free Fall game, your job is to match or move the blocks to have three or the same type.

It’s only similar to Candy Crush Saga. It’s just that this Disney game has a more fun game concept. Yep, chapter players will enjoy puzzle games in the more colorful Frozen world. Oh yeah, you can win the competition with your friends by getting the highest score.

History of Rubik’s Game and Types

July 18, 2019 Nicole 0

Rubik is a mechanical puzzle game that was discovered in 1974 by Professor Erno Rubik, an architect, and sculptor from Hungary.

This game was named the inventor’s magic cube. Because it has been selling in his own country, in 1980, this game began to be sold to happy parts of the world and changed its name to “Rubik’s cube.”

From there, Rubik became trending internationally. Everyone wants to have it, both among children and adults. This game becomes trending because the concept is simple and elegant, but difficult to solve. Counted more than 100 million Rubik was sold until 1982. And Professor Erno Rubik became among the wealthy communists from his income, or commonly called the red millionaire.

Because of its popularity, competition for the local competition was held to compete in solving the Rubik. Until its peak, in 1982 the Rubik’s Cube World Championship was held for the first time in Budapest. This championship was won by a 16-year-old Vietnamese student from Los Angeles, Minh Thai, with a time list of 22.95 seconds
Public interest in Rubik began to fade in 1990. People began to get annoyed when they started to work on completing it because the current information was very minimal. However, since the spread of the internet, the game of Rubik has not been much loved anymore.

In the year 2000, instructions for using Rubik have not been found on the internet. Rubik fever also hit the world for the second time. Until its end in 2003, the second time Rubik’s World Championship was held in Canada.

Until now, the world’s interest in this Rubik game is growing at its fastest. Info from Wikipedia recites that until now it has sold more than 300 million more Rubik in all the world. The amount is not yet classified from its immunity.
That was a glimpse of the original origin of the game you know by the name “RUBIK.”

Various Kinds of Rubik

Since Professor Erno Rubik discovered it in 1974, the development of Rubik in all the world has also become rapid. Not many of them did not end up developing the format of Rubik, which was only 3x3x3 in size.
The following are some kinds of Rubik found in the world today.

  • Standard Cube

Standard Cube is also commonly known by the name Rubik’s Cube to fit its inventor Erno Rubik. Standard Cube is a Rubik with an ancient model and very popular until now. The Standard Cube has a standard size of 5.6cm³. This standard cube has a 3x3x3 format. This Standard Cube is essential learning before playing other types of Rubik. This Standard Cube has many kinds that are designed to fit your needs.

  • Professors Cube

This cube professor has a 5x5x5 format. Udo Krell coins it. This Rubik is similar to Standard Rubik (3x3x3) because it has centerpieces. The difference is only in the level of difficulty because the number of cuts is more. The standard size of this Rubik is 7cm³.

  • V-cube 6

V-cube 6 is a 6x6x6 Rubik type. Panagiotis Verdes made this Rubik. The total number of pieces in this Rubik amounts to 152 pieces if separated. And the standard size of this Rubik is 6.9 cm³.

  • V-cube 7

V-cube 7 is the development of V-cube 6. Panagiotis Verdes not only adds the number of pieces but also changes the format of Rubik to the point that it looks more prominent. The standard size for this Rubik is 7.2 cm³.

  • Pocket Cube (2x2x2)

At the age of its name, this Rubik is small in size. This Pocket Cube can also be called the Mini Cube. The shape of this Rubik is 2x2x2. Because it’s simple, this Rubik has a low level of obstacles compared to other rubrics. Erik Akkerdijsk holds the fastest record for completing this Rubik with the achievement of not enough time of one second.

  • Fisher’s Cube

Fisher’s Cube is a development of the Standard Cube. Coined by Tony Fisher. The settlement method is similar to the 3x3x3 Rubik, except that the Fisher’s Cube can be rotated diagonally.

  • Void Cube

Void Cube is also a development of the Standard Cube. Created by Katsuhiko Okamoto. The most obvious difference from this void cube is the hollow and translucent center part of the center tile element. Then automatically, this Rubik solution will be increasingly difficult.

  • Square Cube

Cartel and Kopsky made this square cube. This Rubik has a genuinely unique mechanism. The format of this Rubik will change if you shuffle it. This Rubik has many developments like Square 1, Super Square 2, Square 2.

  • Mirror Cube

Mirror Cube is also a development of the Standard Cube. When randomized, this Rubik will form a good field. The Rubik’s solution method is not according to color but from the form.

  • Skewb

Skewb is one of the popular Rubik variants because of its uniqueness. Tony Durham made this Rubik. Options and modifications of this Rubik are classified as many. As developed by Katsuhiko Okamoto there are Skewb Masters, Dino Skewb Masters, Windmill Cube and Helicopter Cube.

  • Floppy Cube

Floppy Cube is a 1x3x3 Rubik format. Katsuhiko Okamoto made this Rubik. And produced by the company Gentosha Toys. Floppy Cube is also not a little experienced development. Among them are the Domino Cube, Slim Tower, Phantom Cube, and Grown Tower.

  • Pyramid Cube

Pyramid Cube has a pyramid atsu pyramid format. Coined by Uwe Meffert. The development of this type of Rubik was quite a lot. Like Piraminx, Master Piraminx, Pyramorphix, and Pyramorphix masters.

  • Ultimate Cube

This Rubik has a very high level of obstacles. Coined by Tony Fisher. The Ultimate Cube mechanism is the same as Skewb, which has 12 color sides. The development of this Rubik is the difference between Teraminx, Gigaminx, Flowerminx, Pyraminx Cristal, Holeymegaminx, Megaminx, and Ultimate Skewb.

Tips for Playing Sudoku Quickly and Correctly

June 16, 2019 Nicole 0

Sudoku games are similar to newspaper crosswords that are published every Sunday.

The difference is if the crossword box filled with letters. While the sudoku game filled with numbers.

Sudoku consists of several box sizes. The largest box size is the size of 9 x 9. This means that sudoku consists of 9 columns, nine rows, 81 small squares, and 9 area squares. Each 3 x 3 area box (3 rows and three columns)

The column is the part of the box with upward direction. While the row is part of the horizontal direction of the box. In playing sudoku games, numbers will be provided in the sudoku boxes. There are 30 small boxes that already contain numbers. In the picture above the numbers in bold are the numbers that are already available. Whereas not bolded are the numbers that are sought. The numbers on the boxes must be filled in by the player by taking into account some of the rules that apply to sudoku games. In the following, I will describe some of the rules in sudoku games.

Rules for playing Sudoku:

  1. The line must be filled with numbers from 1-9, and there must not be multiple numbers in a row.
  2. In the same column, it must be filled with numbers starting from 1-9, and there should not be twin numbers in one column.
  3. In each section of the 3 x 3 area box containing nine small boxes. The little box must be filled with numbers 1-9, and the condition must not be repeated numbers in each area box.

Tips on playing Sudoku:

  1. Look for triple (three) the same number and appear simultaneously. Each number can go horizontally and upright. The point should not be filled in the same number in the horizontal and upright area. For example: see figure 1, in the number 2 on the left the direction goes left and right horizontally in red. And the number 2 on the lower right goes upright down and up in red. Of the three numbers, it will penetrate the 3 x 3 area in the upper right corner. So that number 2 can be filled in a small green box. The box not exposed to red.
  2. Number 2 on rows 4 and 6 If you go horizontally, you will line row 5. So you can fill in the small green box 5 row 5 with number 2.
  3. In the 9th column, there is a little blue box that has not filled. After noticing, it turns out that the number from 1-9 that does not exist in the column is number 8. So that the small box must be filled with number 8.
  4. There is a location in the lower right corner with a size of 3×3. In the small red column do not fill in the number 9. Because in the 9th column there is already a number 9. So the number 9 can be filled in a small green box. While the small red box is filled with numbers that are not yet present in that area, which is number 5.

Those are many tips that I can share and hopefully can be an overall summary of sudoku playing techniques quickly and correctly.

The Origin and History of Puzzles that You Must Know

May 20, 2019 Nicole 0

Usually, when you’re too late or bored, most people will choose to let go of boredom by playing games.

Now, in addition to spending free time and also eliminate boredom, it turns out there is also a game that provides a positive impact to make us smarter.  As one of the puzzle games that will be discussed in this article.

Puzzle game as we know it is a game of arranging pieces of the picture that will later become a complete picture. It also said that this game could increase intelligence for those who play it. Of course, it is also very beneficial, especially for children’s development.

For this reason, this time, I will explain about puzzle games in this article. Please refer to the full review below.

What is Puzzle

A puzzle is a game that played to arrange images, and images are randomized beforehand. So people who play it try to arrange it in the frame by connecting pieces or pieces of small images so that they become whole images.

Puzzle pieces generally made abstract so that the pieces of the picture are unique and help players make it easier to compile. From the shape and pieces of the Puzzle can be adjusted according to the wishes of players ranging from large and small pieces. Choice of puzzle pieces that are not too complicated is very suitable for the initial method of introducing this puzzle game, especially for children.

A puzzle is a game that requires patience and perseverance in arranging children. The Puzzle is a thin piece of 2-3 or even 4-6 pieces made of wood or cardboard plates. If children are accustomed to playing puzzles, children will gradually get used to being calm, determined, and patient in getting things done. The satisfaction that obtained when a child completes a puzzle is also one of the motives for children’s motivation to discover new things

History of Puzzle Development

The word puzzle itself comes from English, which means Puzzle or pairs of pairs. Whereas Puzzle in the Indonesian dictionary interpreted as guesses. Guess is a problem or Puzzle that given as entertainment that is usually written, or done. Many guesses are rooted in mathematical problems.

The first type of Puzzle formed was a jigsaw puzzle. In 1766 by John Spilsbury, a mapmaker, a jigsaw puzzle was created through his idea of ​​drawing a map on a piece of wood and cutting it into pieces according to the boundaries of his country.

This Puzzle was created to help in geography lessons for school children of that era. By compiling the pieces of the map puzzle, students will learn about the location, position, and geographic relations between each country.

John Spilsbury saw this as a business opportunity, then he produced and sold the map puzzle. The history of jigsaw puzzles until now follows the times. Machines for cutting Puzzle are now not just jigsaw machines, there are pound machines, scrollsaw machines, or use laser beams to cut the pieces of the Puzzle made. The patterns that made now are not just maps. There are lots of puzzles with interesting patterns and drawings that mostly found in educational toy stores.

Besides jigsaw puzzles, there are also other forms of puzzles like tangram. Tangram is a puzzle originating from China in 1815. In the literature entitled “The Eighth Book of Tan,” it is written that this game has existed since 4000 years ago by a god named Tan. The game contains 700 forms, and some of them are impossible to solve.

Since then until now, there have been many new types of puzzles. With the strangeness of ways and designs that might be impossible if seen, but it turns out the game that requires the ability of the brain can also be solved and played. Such as crossword puzzles, labyrinth puzzles, mechanical puzzles, logic puzzles, construction puzzles, combination puzzles, Rubik’s cube, and the latest are calculating puzzles.

Benefits of Playing Puzzles for Your Children’s Intelligence

April 26, 2019 Nicole 0

Puzzle or knockdown toy is an educational game that has existed since the 18th century.

Not without reason, this game still preferred by today’s generation. Various studies have shown that playing puzzle will stimulate both sides of the brain so that it can hone multiple brain functions.

In children, there are at least six benefits to be gained from playing puzzles.

  1. Train memory

Playing puzzles helps children understand and follow instructions step by step in achieving a goal. Puzzles also train memory when children try to recall pieces of images, patterns, or words that have been tried but do not match.

  1. Sharpen visuospatial skills

A study from the University of Chicago, United States, in 2011, found that toddlers who regularly play puzzles have better visuospatial skills, which are skills related to perception and spatial relationships. This is because of the ability to recognize and understand shapes, sizes, colors, and spaces sharpened through puzzles.

  1. Sharpen fine motor skills

When playing puzzles, children are asked to attach, move small or large pieces of pictures, circle letters or words, rotate knobs, or insert puzzle pieces into specific holes according to their shape.  All of these activities will hone excellent motor skills, which are very necessary to do daily activities. Developing these skills early on will make it easier for children to learn to write, draw, and play musical instruments.

  1. Practicing eye and hand coordination

Both pictorial puzzles, crosswords, learning shapes that are suitable or not suitable, all require coordination between eyes and hands. Through puzzle games, the ability to connect what is seen by the eye and how the hands respond to it will be honed.

  1. Practicing social skills

There are many types of puzzles that require working together with others to solve the complexity of the puzzle being played. This will encourage children to work and play together, both with parents and peers. Playing puzzles in groups will help children to understand what patience and cooperation mean, and learn to know their turn.

  1. Sharpen the ability to solve problems

Each puzzle has a clear goal to achieve. The goal can be a complete picture, successfully matching all shapes, or completing a crossword puzzle. When the child starts to play the puzzle, he will see that there are steps that need to be taken to solve it. From here, children learn to be able to solve the problems they face with creative thinking patterns.

Puzzles suitable for children

So, what kind of puzzle game is suitable for children? Puzzles are all types of games that have two main characteristics: designed to entertain the players, and there is a clear solution. To get the answer, you need the ability to think and strategies to solve problems.

So far, maybe all you know is a jigsaw puzzle, which is a puzzle that consists of small pieces put together into a whole picture. However, puzzles have a lot of variations, for example, Rubik’s cube, scrabble (a game of words), Sudoku (logic puzzles with numbers), crosswords, mathematical puzzles, or patterned puzzles.

For toddlers, you can start with a two-dimensional puzzle with large pieces or a block puzzle. When the child has entered school age, you can introduce it to the type of three-dimensional puzzle or other puzzle variations, as mentioned earlier.

In addition to supporting children’s development, playing puzzle is one of the fun ways to fill your quality time with your child. It’s okay if this becomes one of the favorite activities in the family. Also, the puzzle is easy to carry so that you and your little one can play anywhere and anytime. Have a nice play!